Cargo Insight Tutorial 2

With SeaVantage's Cargo Insight service, you can catch both the forwarder's work efficiency and customer satisfaction. If you have been issued a "User ID", let's start visible cargo tracking by registering B/L.
Please log in with your account.
Click the menu button (hamburger button) in the upper left corner and click the Cargo Insight".

1. Chart on/off (Toggle)

You can hide and show "ETA within" & "Vessel Status" chart.

2. ETA within (B/L Sorting)

Registered B/Ls are sorted and displayed from D-10 to D-day(ETA) → If you click the bar graph, you can see the B/Ls for the relevant date. → B/Ls in the specified date range are displayed only.

3. Vessel status

This chart shows that Vessel status related B/Ls in the specified date.
Ready to depart : No. of vessels which are not departed yet.
Departed : No. of vessels which are already departed.
Arrived : No. of vessels which are already arrived
Others : etc (Pending)

4. Search by date

You can choose either "ETA/ATA" or "ETD/ATD".
The default setting is "ETA/ATA" and values within the 30-day range are retrieved only.
Bold text means B/Ls where actual event occurred.

5. B/L MAP

"B/L Map" shows the current position of the vessel related B/Ls in the specified date.

6. B/L Register

CSV upload : Upload massive B/Ls at once. Click "Download B/L upload template" → fill out according to the form → Click "Open" and select related file → Click "Upload"
After B/L upload is completed, only B/Ls that have failed to upload can be checked separately.
B/L add : Register B/L one by one. Select "Carrier Code" → Input "Booking No" or "Master-Bl" → Click "SAVE"
Export : Export B/Ls in the specified date as an Excel file.

7. Quick Search

You can quickly find the B/L you want without any date search criteria. Click "light bulb" icon → Input B/L No or Booking No → Enter

8. Total No. of B/L

Displays the total number of B/L that match the date search condition.