Cargo Insight Dashboard System integration

You can view vessels related to B/L registered in Cargo Insight in one screen.
Request URL
https://svmp.seavantage.com/#/cargo/dashboard?authToken={your-auth-Token}&startDate={start-date}&endDate={end-date}&blStatus={bl-status}&blListType={option}&shipName={option}&menu={option} // Required Options // Authorization Token authToken={your-auth-token} // Search Start Date startDate={yyyymmdd} // Search End Date endDate={yyyymmdd} /* The maximum search period is 60 days. If it exceeds 60 days, only data up to 60 days based on endDate can be searched. */ // Additional Options // B/L Status Parameter: 값 없을시 전체 결과 조회. 복수 선택시 ','로 구분 (Ex. blStatus=on,before,end,pending,processing) blStatus=on : In operation blStatus=before : Before flight blStatus=end : Operation ends blStatus=pending : Shipment pending blStatus=processing : Updating B/L information // B/L List Type parameter blListType=ETA : Search based on ETA (default value) blListType=ETD : Search based on ETD // Ship Name On/Off parameter shipName=off : Display ship name on map shipName=on : Display ship name on map O // B/L Menu parameter menu=list : Move to B/L List (default) menu=map : Go to B/L Map // Keyword parameter: Search result values filtered based on keywords of Carrier, Cargo owner, B/L No, Vessel name, POL, POD keyword={string} : Keyword to filter // Whether to display the top toolbar toolbar=on :Show the top toolbar (default value) toolbar=off :Hide the parent toolbar // Ex) [https://svmp.seavantage.com/#/cargo/dashboard?authToken=](https://svmp.seavantage.com/#/cargo/dashboard?authToken= "https://svmp.seavantage.com/#/cargo/dashboard?authToken="){your-auth-Token}&startDate={start-date}&endDate={end-date}&blStatus={bl-status}&blListType=ETD&shipName=on&menu=map&keyword=busan
To embed the Dashboard screen inside another system, see below
<iframe src="https://svmp.seavantage.com/#/cargo/dashboard?authToken={your-auth-Token}&startDate={start-date}&endDate={end-date}&blStatus={bl-status}&blListType={option}&shipName={option}&menu={option}" name="cargoDashboard" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="780px" width="1200px" allowfullscreen></iframe>